Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies

Funeral Consumers' Alliance

55 St Phillips Rd., Toronto ON, M9P 2N8

FOOMS~FCA is tasked to gather information about the Ontario death care industry and to monitor proposed Ontario funeral related legislation and regulation changes. This is on behalf of the over 51,000 members of Ontario Memorial Societies to help them plan simple dignified funerals at moderate cost if that is what they have decided is most appropriate to their circumstances.

A funeral is the only product that must be purchased for every last one of us, so it makes a lot of sense to preplan.

A full service funeral with an upscale casket and most options can cost $10,000 plus. Cost ranges down to an immediate disposition funeral with cremation and a memorial service for about $2,000.
(Add cemetery costs). You decide what is right for you. Pre-arranging does not require pre-paying.

You are urged to sit down with your spouse and/or children or your best friend to decide what you want, select a funeral provider and get your wishes on to a funeral pre-arrangement form. This is not a legal document and can be changed anytime with a phone call to the funeral provider or your survivors can do this at the time of your death. (It may be suggested you sign a formal contract.)  Funeral insurance is advertised widely, cost it critically. CPP has a death benefit presently of $2,500 that has to be applied for by your executor.

We DO NOT own, operate or have a financial interest in any funeral home, transfer service, crematorium, cemetery or monument company. By actively encouraging the preplanning of and wise and informed decision making about funerals, including consideration of the lower cost options, we help to reduce the financial and psychological stress on survivors.

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