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This site is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Maunsell who died April 25, 2004 and who was a founding member, a mainstay and a tireless supporter of the NPFAS. Tom served for many years on the executive of the Federation of 0ntario Memorial Societies~Funeral Consumers Alliance and was active as well in a number of local community organizations.

The NPFAS was founded in 1973. We presently provide service to over 400 members in the Niagara Peninsula area. 
We DO NOT own, operate or have a financial interest in any funeral home, transfer service, crematorium cemetery, or monument company.

We are volunteer run, funded by the one-time lifetime membership fee of $30, paid at the time of joining, and the ongoing generosity of our members in making regular supporting donations.  We have no paid staff and there are no board perks.
Members choose the funeral provider they wish from the list of our cooperating funeral providers that we send you.

Our Mission Statement

We are a funeral consumers’ planning information service that gathers information about the local and Ontario death care industry on behalf of those who have decided they do not want expensive, full service, conventional funerals.  Specifically to advise how to obtain simple, dignified funerals at modest cost and to effectively communicate this information to anyone interested.
Memorial Societies are non-sectarian, non-profit organizations run by member elected boards. By actively encouraging the pre-planning of, and wise and informed decision making about funerals including consideration of lower cost options, we help to reduce the financial and psychological stress on survivors.  NPFAS  is a member of the Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies~Funeral Consumers Alliance (FOOMS~FCA) presently serving over 51,000 Ontario residents.
Two types of simple funerals have been set out.  They are identified as the Type "A" and the Type "B" and can be varied as desired with cost adjustments.


The Type "A" Funeral

The Type "A" funeral is a funeral of the utmost simplicity and has evolved into what is now referred to as an Immediate Disposition to the cemetery or crematorium.  It is usually chosen by members who want a memorial service in the chapel of the crematorium or funeral home, at a church or any other location or no service at all.

A memorial service is a service where the body is not present and it is usually held a week or so after the death
. Often a picture of the deceased is displayed. (Cremated remains are sometimes present at memorial services.)

The Type "B" Funeral

This is a closed casket funeral at the funeral home or crematorium chapel with one afternoon and/or evening of visitation. (Many now choose visitation for an hour or two before the service with a cost variance.) Expect added cost if the funeral service is at a church.  A cloth pall is usually available for rental if it is desired to cover a plain container or casket for visitation or during a service. Embalming is not required by law except for out-of-province transfer but may be necessary if there is some delay between death and the funeral.

You can, of course, add (or delete) anything you wish to/from the Type “A” or Type “B” funeral simply by asking the funeral provider when you give him your finalized prearrangement forms or by advising him by phone later if you desire a change or survivors can do this at the time of death. This is not a legal document and can be changed anytime.


You are in the process of a most important first step in considering information that can save your next-of-kin as much as $4000 plus if you decide that you do not want an expensive full service funeral. (Increasing Ontario residents are opting for less expensive departures.)

The next step is very important.  It is to discuss with your spouse and/or family or your best friend exactly what kind of funeral is appropriate to your circumstances, choose a funeral provider then put your wishes in writing on a funeral prearrangement form provided by the society.

On joining the Niagara Peninsula Funeral Advisory Society you will receive a member’s handbook, funeral prearrangement forms, the names of local cooperating funeral providers with a detailed costing outline, a membership card and a personal information listing form that when completed will be of much help to your executor.  An annual newsletter will keep you up to date on your funeral advisory society.

To connect with us:

  Phone      Dorothy Figg at (905) 935-5927

  or write Niagara Peninsula Funeral Advisory Society
               133 Lea Crescent
              Welland, Ontario L3C 7J7

               Phone: 905 - 935 - 5927



Privacy Policy
Personal information gathered by the Niagara Peninsula Funeral Advisory Society is kept in confidence. Our personnel are authorized to access personal information based only on their need to deal with the information for the reason(s) for which it was obtained.


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